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We would love to meet you at an upcoming worship service

Looking for a new church home?

Pre-Service Prayer | 10:00AM

Sunday Service | 10:30AM

What to expect when attending GraceLife Church

• How to dress? Wear Casual Clothes

What about my kids or teens? We have a place for your kids from birth to their tween years at GraceLife Church. After you arrive here, one of our team members will be able to check you in at one of our kiosks and help inform you of the process.

• How long are servicesOur services are are typically no longer than an hour-and-a-half.

• When should I arriveFor your first visit, plan on arriving 15 minutes prior to the service you are attending so we can meet you and show you where to go. Especially if you are checking in your kids for the first time. 

• Where should I parkYou can park anywhere in the GraceLife Church parking lot, we don't have special reserved spots. If the parking lot fills up, you can park by East Ave Café or in the dirt lot across the street. 

Where do I go after I arrive? Once you walk in the door you should be greeted by a member of our Welcome Team the can help connect you to childcare or direct you to the auditorium for service.

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